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Light wands
Light Coacing
Paperback Xsist - for reflection and contemplation with your inner self

I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience a hynotherapy session with Wilhelmina. I found that the hypnotherapy session helped remove blocks that I have not been able to reach in my psyche. After the session, I felt less anxious and had a greatersense of clearing. Wilhelmina is patient, kind and I am blessed to have her in my circle of energetic healers. I also have attended one workshop and although much of the information is familiar to me, it is nice to be among other individuals that find alternativeteachings important. 

Love and Light, 

When I met Wilhelmina I noticed the positive energy flow immediately. I thought, something good will come from knowing this person. So I attended a gathering of hers.
She provided a space that allowed for growth and healing. The meditation she led was potent and graceful. Again, the energy was positive. 
I appreciate the way she listens to her inner guides and is confident enough to follow their direction even if it means deviating for the plan.
I attended an inner child journey and was grateful to connect again with the part of me that is pure.
I am looking forward to the next gathering Wilhelmina leads.
I recommend her services to anyone seeking to find their truth.

Tom McKeown, Oklahoma City 

The session I had with Wilhelmina was profound. She not only guided me to a connection with my higher self, but helped heal an inner child piece that was necessary before I could integrate my higher self. She is highly intuitive and connected with her own Divine source which guides her in everything that she does including the group classes that I have been apart of.

Joious Melodi, Oklahoma City

Wilhelmina has a unique gift and she has helped me immensely to discover my natural freedom and joy. Her methods are simple direct and kind but very powerful because she is grounded in everything she shares. I highly recommend her. 

Patricia Webb, Oklahoma City

I have known Wilhelmina since 2003. During this time, I have witnessed her help strangers whether it be in a group setting or someone she ran across by "chance". At the end of their conversation with Wilhelmina they have an expression of amazement/awe upon their face. (She will not like this statement as she will think it pays into ego, but it is fact. Wilhelmia is NOT ego driven) For they recognize that she is a genuine healer and medium. Her positive, gentle, non-judgmental guidance that I have both observed and been the recipient of has transformed lives. She uses her rare ability of talking to spirit in order to guide you through the difficult times of your life. Whether it be past childhood abuse, feelings of loss of a loved one or a lack of self-worth. (She has done all of this with me.) She has shown me how to let-go of the old baggage and pain I was carrying around and how to accept myself and not look for acceptance through other people. What gifts she has given me! When your own perception changes of yourself, so does your life.  Knowing Wilhelmina has brought me peace with my past and an understanding of a larger picture. I no longer live with self-imposed limitations and feel a freedom I have never felt before.  I have grown so much from knowing her.
By Cathy Gunner

Light Wands / Licht Wanden

This is going to be a long testimonial, but the effect Wilhelmina has had on my life has truly saved my soul.

I met Wilhelmina purely by chance when her profile appeared on a spiritual network I belong to. But the way my life has changed beyond recognition in all the ways it desperately needed to actually proves that things are not actually just “chance.”

I was instantly drawn to the work she was advertising and to her herself. I made contact and had a couple of light-coaching sessions, which were amazing in themselves in the accuracy of what she picked up from me. I also purchased a light wand from her and the energy from which is amazing.

But that was the starting point.

When I first made contact with her I was a mess. While spiritually gifted myself, mentally and emotionally I was wrecked. Childhood abuse had caused long term issues including depression/anxiety, eating disorders, tourettes syndrome, OCD and deep internal turmoil of desperate loneliness and self loathing. This progressed into about 20 years in total of drug/alcohol addiction and self destruct which triggered psychosis and Borderline personality disorder. On top of that the connected issues of destructive relationships and repeating the childhood abuse patterns. This is a very long story in just one paragraph. The hell I was in was torture.

But less than 2 years later after meeting Wilhelmina the life I have now is rapidly becoming Heaven. Yes, the path has been difficult to say the least and been much hard work, but since meeting her, in the most magical ways my life, and myself are beyond recognition. I have been able to face the issues and demons that caused me to hide behind drugs and drink and am now clean. I have resolved many of the major issues that were causing me to be so stuck and repeating the self destructive patterns. By releasing the issues I am finding more and more inner peace each day. I am loving and respecting myself more, thus judging others less and loving them more. My psychological scars are either healing completely, or simply becoming easier to cope with. I no longer have problems with negative and toxic people. I am in fact surrounded by many like minded souls. I have gone from hating myself and trying to be like everyone else to simply being me and seeing the beauty of my life and being me.

I cannot thank you enough Wilhelmina. You would tell me that I did all the hard work, but you were the starting point for me. You have changed me and my life for ever.

Thank you so much.

Steve Tanner. Age 33. England.

Light wand ‘Sun child’ / ‘Zonnekind’

When I first saw my light wand on Innervision Creations, I really had to cry... she was so beautiful... and she was so familiar...although her name was in Dutch (like I am) I did not feel connected to the name yet. So I asked my power animal, and he told me the wand was there for me... Checking out with Wilhelmina it was definitely Yes. I had expected her on the day she came and I felt so excited to hold her in my hands!

Then I felt overwhelmed by her energy and parts of me that felt afraid of change held me back from her.. I just had to watch her for some time, have her in my space and feel her before we started to work together. Then I sat with her and asked why she came, and she told me her story. She came for different reasons and so she is with me in different things I do. I asked her to work with me on deeper levels for letting go of old believe systems and old energies, and she helped me a great deal in this transformation process. Right now she is leaning over my left shoulder, for feeling deeper connected with finding the right words to write. Every night she stands next to my bed, and sometimes she joins me when I go outside, to feel deeper connected with the spirits of nature.

I now understand much better the energy she carries and where she reminds me of. For me it is time now to acknowledge and embrace this love in me again, to honer this and feel deeply connected with it... I am a child of the Sun. This is the most beautiful gift she came to tell me, again...

I experience her as a great gift, work with her in respect and I feel great gratitude that she came for guidance into my life. By putting my intention from the heart the crystal beings and all other beautiful energies help me to align deeper with my inner truth.

She truly is so beautiful and powerful, and such a great joy to work with on my journey... Thankyou all, Wilhelmina and Spirit, for bringing her into my life.

With love and gratitude,

Else Huisman

Wilhelmina is a wonderful artist and powerful light worker. Her wands are artistically beautiful and energetically quite powerful. Wilhelmina puts these together using the Light and the concept that the wand and owner “pick” each other – just like the saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”

I have used my wand in healing sessions and have felt the wonderful healing energy generated by it following my intent.

Bright Blessings,


Hi Wilhelmina,

I want to thank you for my Light Wand. You had explained to me that Spirit had guided you to make me a wand called 'Clarity". The 'Horse' is the charm draped around it representing 'power'. Since my Light Wand has been activated I have become more clear in my thoughts, and actually have become more powerful in my in my will to create a better life for myself and those around me. I had been praying for "Clarity" in my life as I felt that I was moving through a heavy haze for some time. I was very frustrated not being able to make out what my purpose was in my relationships, work and life's path.

I have used my Light Wand in meditation to help me through a difficult period I was going through. It helped me to take a big step back to reassess my life. Now that things have become more clear I have decided to take a different path with my work and am more relaxed with my personal life. I do feel more powerful as I am now confronting decisions instead of cowering from them.

My Light Wand is kept near the window by my bed. I get a wonderful peaceful feeling when I hold it. I feel it also helps me in my dream state. It's quite funny as at my lowest point I had some absolutely beautiful uplifting dreams of sunny beaches and tranquil ocean views! This Light Wand is quite amazing!

Thank you so much for all your love and encouragement.

Love and Light,

Hi Wilhelmina,

I wanted to thank you again for my light wand "Igniting Flames". The name and the wand really mean a lot to me, both personally, as well as what is meant for me to do professionally. Ever since I have the light wand, there is a sense of calm over me, because I feel more connected to my purpose. I have placed it where you told me to, and it has definitely made a difference in the healing work that I do. I also have referred a lot of people to you because I know that everyone needs their own light wand, but I don't do this randomly. Usually, there is some type of signal from the universe, and when I am connecting to a person, the situation arises, and I lead them to you and tell them that you have something of theirs. I just had a conversation with someone who I referred to you for a light wand, and he said, he keeps it on or by his desk and he always thinks clearer with it, and he also feels a sense of calmness and purpose.

Keep on getting those divine messages so that more people can connect to their own light wand. I know it will make subtle and yet very substantial differences in their lives.

Love & Light,

Dr. Fred Feldstein

The Sky Is The Limit

Peak Performance Coaching

(631) 766-2667

This is a very powerful light wand, created with love. “Wonders” has helped me to better ground myself and it gives a deeper meaning when meditating after grounding yourself with the light wand. “Wonders” is most powerful when held in my left hand. The stones on the light wand are well picked and really matches my frequency. Thanks for creating this light wand, Wilhelmina!


Lichtwand de crusador met bijkomende energie de Kolibrie.

Het ontvangen van mijn lichtwand was bovennatuurlijk en zeer liefdevol,

Avonds om half acht ging bij mij de bel ik deed open en daar stond een kleine man van T.P.G post (nou heb ik nog nooit om half acht avonds post ontvangen)

Hij keek mij strak aan met een zacht gezicht en lachte en zij zacht, zeer zacht alstublieft mevrouw,

En overhandigden mij het parketje van Wilhelmina ik voelde het direct dat het van haar was, hij bleef me aankijken met een liefdevolle lach en ik zij dank u wel meneer dat U nog zo laat parketjes rond brengt, hij zij dit wel mevrouw, en liep achterwaarts achteruit mij aankijkend naar zijn auto.

ik stond zo verbaast te kijken en dacht dit is niet van hier maar iemand van boven

een engel ik keek nog eens langs hem heen hoe zijn auto er uitzag maar hij was al verdwenen.

Mijn man kwam kijken wie het was en zag mij staan met het pakketje en zei heb je een engel gezien je kijkt zo verbaast, dit was zo zuiver zo puur zo mooi.

Dit is een stukje uitleg hoe een lichtwand jou overhandigd kan worden zo respectvol en met liefde.

Ik kreeg direct door hoe een lichtwand gemaakt werd, met veel liefde en een zuivere intuitie.

(Ik moet dit even benoemen nu, anders kan ik niet verder)zo werkt de energie nou.

De keuze van het hout bepaald voor welke soort energie zij het meest geschikt is.

Elk houtsoort heeft zijn eigen energie.

Het hout van de hazelaar is door haar correspondentie met wijsheid geschikt voor algemeen krachtig gebruik.

De wilg, waarvan bekend is dat zij relatief veel water bevat, maakt een goede staf voor maanrituelen.

Een staf uit het hout van de vlierboom is sterk verbonden met de saturnische energieen, welke correspondeert met Saturnus is geschikt om hogere intelligenties op te roepen. .

Of de staf versierd, bewerkt of puur natuur gelaten wordt is geheel aan de gebruiker. Vaak worden er runen gekerfd en gebruikt men versieringen van natuurlijk materiaal.

Elke keuze, of het nu om de houtsoort, het tijdstip van oogsten of de decoratie gaat, dient de gewenste geleiding te ondersteunen en het “goede gevoel” van de gebruiker op te roepen.

Op deze manier wordt de lichtwand een verlengstuk van je eigen kracht.

In de hogere energie is het vervaardigen van lichtwand’s aan de onbeschevenwet van boven gebonden (de natuurwetten)

De Lichtwand ligt in mijn praktijk ruimte op een mooie standaard zo dat de energie goed verspreid word en het licht ervan kan schijnen waar maar nodig is.,

Ik wordt geroepen door de lichtwand als ik hem zelf nodig hebt, als ik uit balans ben,

Ik neem hem dan in mijn linkerhand en tik met de punt mijn hart aan en loop dan mijn chakra’s na,en neem daar altijd alle tijd voor het maakt me blij ,het maakt me wakker,het brengt mij weer in balans.

De vele mensen die ik in de praktijk krijg hebben het altijd over die mooie staf,ik word er naar toe getrokken zeggen ze dan,ik vraag dan wat trekt jou in de lichtwand, en krijg vaak te horen dat het licht wat die uitstraalt, het maakt mij zo blij.

Ik vertel dan het verhaal er bij hoe die mij is geschonken met zoveel liefde en respect overhandigd.

Daarbij geef ik altijd het kaartje van Wilhelmina van haar websites en zeg kijk daar maar eens, wat zij neer zet in liefde en wijsheid.

Van haar heb ik deze mooie lichtwand gekregen heb er veel respect voor en behandel hem met liefde.(mijn dankbaarheid is groot naar haar een wijze vrouw)

Zo zie je maar dat mensen die er open voor staan het licht wel willen maar ook kunnen zien en dat heeft ook te maken inzichten en antwoorden die men zoekt, het naar binnen willen kijken.

Mijn ervaring is met mijn mooie lichtwand is dat het straalt, jou helpt waar nodig is en zoekt de balans voor jou weer op, waar die even weer zoek is, een betere meester kun je niet krijgen.

Mijn lichtwand is de crusador met de kolibrie energie, en dat is wat ik ben een licht in de duisternis voor vele, en ik kan vele kanten op vliegen dat klopt maar werken vanuit mijn hart is de enige manier waar bij mij de liefde stroomt.


Ik heb de The Four Winds, die staan voor het noorden, oosten, zuiden en westen.

Met het activeren had ik al zo'n jubel stemming van yesssssss, ik kon ook niet echt geloven dat ze voor mij zouden zijn ... :)

De Wands staan voor bescherming, als ik ze naar de windrichtingen leg , waar ze horen, dus noord richting noord enz. dan maken ze onderling verbinding en maken een koepel van licht om mij heen, erg mooi om te zien en te voelen.

In die koepel van licht krijg ik inzichten, er zijn ontmoetingen, krijg energie en ik heb ook mijn drum ingewijd in die cirkel, erg mooi.

Voor nu gebruik ik die alleen nog voor mezelf, maar denk dat ik ze over een tijd ook kan gebruiken, als ik met mensen aan het werk ben.

Mijn drum en de wands zijn 1 , ze zijn connect of hoe ik het kan noemen, ik heb een foto meegestuurd, kan je zien hoe ze hier staan.

Ik kan alleen maar zeggen dat ik heel gelukkig ben met deze wands, ze passen bij me, geven me een goed gevoel en energie.

En ik geloof dat ze me nog gaan helpen en mooie dingen mee ga doen.

Lieve Wilhelmina dank je wel dat je deze Wands gemaakt hebt en ik ze mocht krijgen :)

Warme knufffffff van Hesther

Dit is een heel krachtige lightwand, gemaakt met liefde.”Wonders” heeft mij geholpen om mezelf beter te aarden en het geeft een diepere betekenis als ik na het aarden met de lightwand ga mediteren. “Wonders” is het krachtigst als ik het in mijn linker hand vasthoud. De edelstenen op de lightwand zijn goed uitgezocht en passen bij mijn trillingsfrequentie. Bedankt voor het maken van deze lightwand, Wilhelmina!


Hallo Wilhelmina,

(wat persoonlijke info heb ik eruit gehaald)

Hoe gaat het met mij…ja…helemaal OK.

je vroeg naar mijn ervaring met de lichtwanden. Behalve dat ik er veel foto’s van heb gemaakt, in arrays voornamelijk, want vaak kwam het voor dat ze er deel van wilden uitmaken heb ik een ervaring mee mogen maken die ik graag met je wil delen en met anderen natuurlijk. Het was nog in ons vorig huis. Op een dag kreeg ik een telefoontje van een mevrouw die een schedeltje had gekocht en die me vertelde dat de energie ervan niet goed aanvoelde. Ze voelde zich ziek ervan worden en had het schedeltje zelfs buiten haar huis geplaatst. Ze wist zich geen raad en vroeg mij of ik het schedeltje een tijdje onder mijn hoede wilde nemen. Dat wilde ik wel. Maar tegelijkertijd vroeg ik me af of ik dan dat schedeltje “beter” kon maken. Toen ik het schedeltje op ging halen en ermee naar huis liep kwam als vanzelfsprekend de lichtwanden in mijn gedachten. Ik zag ze zo voor me met het schedeltje erbij. Natuurlijk, dacht ik, dat is het! Ik zou gebruik kunnen maken van de lichtwanden! Ik kwam thuis en de eerste dagen heb ik het schedeltje eerst een tijdje tussen andere schedeltjes geplaatst op de plek ( Blue Crystal World) waar ik de kristallen altijd heb gefotografeerd. Toen het moment goed voelde dat ik de lichtwanden kon gaan gebruiken heb ik de punten ervan op het schedeltje geplaatst en de intentie uitgesproken dat het schedeltje helemaal gezuiverd zal worden en de negatieve energie zal verdwijnen. De opstelling waarbij de lichtwanden verbonden bleven met het schedeltje liet ik verscheidene dagen zo en regelmatig ging ik erbij zitten in stilte. Het moment kwam dat ik dacht dat het schedeltje weer terug kon worden gebracht naar die me mevrouw en liet haar dat ook weten. Ze was bereidt het schedeltje terug te ontvangen in haar huis. Een weekje later vroeg ik haar hoe het schedeltje nu voelde. Ze was heel blij en zei dat ze helemaal geen negatieve gevoelens meer ervoer en dat het schedeltje in huis bij haar andere schedeltjes een plek had gevonden. Ik dus ook blij.

De koker waarin je “Eye of God” had verstuurd had ik voordat de workshop zou plaatsvinden, al beschilderd en voorzien van allerlei elementen, versieringen en zo, en daarin heb ik die lichtwand dan ook opgeborgen om zo nu en dan ter hand te nemen. De andere licht wand bevindt zich in het houten kistje en bevindt zich in mijn nieuwe werkkamer. De koker met de “Eye of God” heeft een plek gekregen aan de muur in onze nieuwe woonkamer. Het is het eerste object wat mensen zien wanneer ze de woonkamer betreden. Voor mij is het de bewaker geworden van ons nieuwe huis. Mensen die het zien worden er stil van.

Wilhelmina, je begrijpt wel dat ik ontzettend blij ben met wat je voor mij hebt gecreëerd en iedere dag weer besef ik dat de lichtwanden mede hebben bijgedragen aan de recente veranderingen die in mijn leven tot stand zijn gebracht.

Ik hoop dat ik hiermee een bijdrage heb kunnen leveren en je mag het gerust met anderen delen.

In de bijlage een aantal foto’s…die je natuurlijk mag gebruiken als je wilt.

Heel veel kristallen lichtgroeten~!~



Eind van het jaar komt er een boek uit van Jan Custers over de blauwe krystal wereld meer info zodra het beschikbaar is!

Light Coaching, Consultations & workshops

Hi Wilhelmina. Hope all is well with you.

I have started to read the manual and it is brilliant!! I especially liked the page with the poem "The Search". I just wanted to say thankyou again because after two or three months of being quite stagnant I now find myself being "whooshed" along my path (although I know this particular part is just beginning), and my motivation is higher than it has been for months. I recently bought two bach flower remedies for courage and for letting go and have started using them along with aura soma quintessences. I have been practicing tools in the manual also. I feel I have started on a very wonderful journey. So a big "THANK YOU". I think the way you work is fantastic and I look forward to further session with you.

Anyway, you take care and we'll speak soon.


Light Coaching has helped me to make my purpose clearer, by neutralizing negative experiences I was able to get in touch with Me. The Light Wand (named Precision) has definitely helped me. Precision was exactly what I needed; I have always been explicit about what and how I wanted things to be or to be organized, except for myself: I had to be Precise about MYSELF.
By meditating I found the peace again to make a deeper contact with me.
Obviously, this gave me and my loved ones the feeling of harmony.

I'm still working on it, but I'm convinced that with your help, I will find and live my truth eventually! You are always very clear and whenever it's time to take a difficult but necessary next step, you will guide me with all the love in the universe.

Many thanks for your guidance,

Light Coaching heeft me geholpen om mijn weg duidelijker te krijgen, door de negatieve ervaringen te neutraliseren kon ik mweer contact maken met mijzelf De Light Wand (Precision) heeft daar zeker bij geholpen. Precision was precies wat ik nodig had; ik kon altijd heel precies aangeven wat en hoe ik zaken wilde hebben/regelen, echter ik was niet Precies voor mijzelf voor MIJ zelf.
Door te mediteren vind ik weer de rust in mezelf om dieper contact te maken met mij.
Dit heeft uiteraard op mij maar op voor mijn omgeving een heel harmonieuze uitwerking.

Ik ben er nog niet helemaal, maar ben er zeker van dat ik zal komen waar ik ben door en met jouw hulp Wilhelmina! Je bent heel duidelijk en laat merken wanneer ik stil sta en je wijst dan heel liefdevol op mijn moeilijke maar volgende stappen.

Hartelijk dank voor je begeleiding!

The light coaching has helped me to neutralize “negative” experiences from the past. The light coaching has also helped me to establish contact with my Higher Self. The meditation towards establishing contact with my higher self is beautiful and I still do this meditation about once a week and my Higher Self answers any questions I might have. Thanks Wilhelmina!


De light coaching heeft mij geholpen om “negatieve” ervaringen uit het verleden te neutraliseren. De light coaching heeft mij ook geholpen om contact met mijn Hogere Zelf te bereiken. De meditatie die zorgt voor het contact is heel mooi en ik doe deze meditatie ongeveer ééns per week en mijn Hogere Zelf beantwoord alle vragen die ik op dat moment heb. Dank je Wilhelmina!


Mrs. Wilhelmina,

For a long time I have not been inspired. You have given that gift back to me. I feel more opened up inside. Though my personality hasn't changed over night, I am creating a new way of life for myself step by step with your guidance towards a goal that I've had since I was very young. I had lost it, but you found it for me. California...it just sounds beautiful. I know I was destined for a a different path basically my whole life. It came to me one day out of the blue sky like god's grace. In that split second I became who I was destined to be. Past healers have called it a glimpse of my future. Instantaneously I was rid, it seemed, of all my my fears holding me back and I was completely content with whatever was going on because everything was so CLEAR to me! Truly a miracle. I felt different inside. I want to find it again. Its hard to follow a path only I seem to understand or can follow. Thank You for your guidance and encouragement. It gives me hope.

I want to help people too. Hopefully my testimonial will inspire others as well. I think of our session often just to feel that inspirational energy. Knowingly or unknowingly you have reassured me in a big way. You touched a place in me that was dormant and waiting to thrive once again. My greatest appreciation and gratitude goes out to you. Once again feel free to use any of my words in your testimonial. and once again thank you for your wisdom and intuitive perception

Your friend,

Sean C.

Wilhelmina's self-awareness workshop went above and beyond my expectations.

She is very genuine and exudes much love and peace. She is very dedicated to

living her purpose and encouraging others to live our their truth. This

workshop will put you on your own path to being who you really are and doing

what you really came here to do.

Michele Benjamin RN, MSN, Medina, Ohio

I knew nothing about you or your workshops when I signed up. I had not checked out your web page or read about your work. I only trusted that there was a divine reason I was led to your workshop. It was the second e-mail of my day to speak of building a bridge between my heart and mind. H. sent me the e-mail and I trusted there was a very good reason for this information to find me.

I'm still continuing to experience this workshop as it has helped me through my own individual experience of accepting myself. I feel that everyone in our group that attended the second meeting had definitely moved through some of their own limitations and resistances or could see where they needed improvements. I noticed that there was a lot more light and more softness in everyone's face. Shifts had happened.

Donna Horst, Ohio

Book: Xsist for reflection and contemplations with your inner-self

I have been reading your book for the second times now, and as the first time, it gives me new insights, new ways of thinking and I get the feeling of deeper knowing.

It calms me, knowing that I am a part of greater plan, a greater Energy.

It feeds me, I can see both sides of the story now, and can choose from Love.

It gives me strength.

Wilhelmina, thank you very much for this book, it definitely that helps me getting in touch with Me...

Van hart tot hart,

Hetty, The Netherlands

"Testimonial to Xsist

Reading this book has been a transforming experience for me. Without intending it to happen, I felt empowered and peaceful after I had looked at the last beautiful painting and read the last word. She leads her reader to abandon worry and to include meditation in one’s life. Strangely, I found that the second reading influenced me much more than the first one. Thank you, Wilhelmina, for your beautiful book.

Xsist Analysis

This beautiful book offers a roadmap to spiritual healing and recommends that one begin this journey by seeking self-awareness. Written by Wilhelmina McKittrick, artist and spiritual guide, it not only provides comforting, reassuring words of wisdom, it gives specific means and methods for living life successfully and peacefully. McKittrick recounts her own spiritual journey as her inspiration for the teachings, which began with the tragic death of her fiancé in an automobile accident, an accident that she survived.

The principles are illustrated with McKittrick’s exquisite paintings, which forcefully underscore the teachings. Included are some lessons that have been dictated by Spirit, where the author serves as the scribe, but most of the principles come directly from her and reflect a remarkable understanding of life’s complexities that has come as the result of her own experiences. She recommends, for example, that in order to achieve self-awareness, an important component on the spiritual journey, self-analysis is important. She encourages her readers to find themselves and to find a place where they belong. Important to achieving self-understanding, she advises, is to avoid the role of victim.

She teaches what she calls valuable lessons—an understanding of perfection, for instance, and keeping concepts of reality in perspective. She recommends what she calls “spring cleaning” from time to time—the cleansing of mind and soul, which she says will result in newfound energy. She feels that human beings should get involved in world healing, something that is much-needed in the 21st century. The final chapter focuses on healing and gives specific directions for becoming a healer.

This is an encouraging book that can be read by anyone over and over, and its audience is not limited to a particular age or background. The energizing, encouraging, calming benefits increase with each reading. Not only is the book beautiful, one that is worthy of display, it reveals the beautiful person who is the writer.

Wanda Morgan, Editor

"Toen ik je boek begon te lezen werd ik "overvallen" door allerlei voor mij onbekende warme, vredige en mooie gevoelens. Ik kan het niet in woorden omschrijven wat ik voelde maar ik wilde je het alleen maar even laten weten! Het voelde zo goed, weet je! Thanxxx !!!" John Schumacher, Purmerend, The Netherlands

Translation: "When I started to read your book I was overwhelmed by all sorts of, for me unknown, warm, peacefull and wonderful feelings. I can't describe it with words, what I felt but I wanted to let you know my experience! It felt so good! Thanxxx!!!"

“For almost forty years I have been reading ' spiritual ' material, both new and very ancient, and to be openly honest, I have not read anything new until I read the writing of Wilhelmina McKittrick.

At face value it sounds like most, but as you read, an energy comes over you that causes you to feel between the lines, understand the arrangement of each carefully chosen word and sentence. It is clear she has broken through the barriers of time and the veil of esoteric beliefs into New territory.

I have known Wilhelmina since time began, and all across time. In many incarnations since Nubia to the present, her work and mind have stayed fixed on a Now of spiritual evolution within the Human race by evolving herself to set the example to where others are heading.

Moving from Amsterdam to Ohio she put tragedy aside and lived Life in new hope with her esteemed Husband Jason, and her two children Xavior and Cloe. Here she focus's on her Sacred task of Motherhood, and builds her extended family across the globe.

If you want to stay ' safe ' in the same old tired dialogue of spiritual marketing, then her work is not for you, but should you find the courage where few have gone and all seek to go, then cherish the words and insights in her work”.


This is without a doubt a five star book, not only for those on a spiritual journey, but someone that just wants to view life from a new and refreshing perspective.

I have read the book several times, and find more and more insight each reading, but it has become a book that I just open when feeling perplexed with life's frustration or when I feel stuck in my journeys frustrations.

Whatever your goal in life , this book can help you top achieve the peace and evolvement you need to arrive.

By Darrell Borza, Wadsworth Ohio - USA.

"This book is powerful. The messages help you get to that place of profound peace and love, the place where miracles happen. I find myself referring to this book almost like a manual when I feel I need guidance and answers. Xsist is a real gift-a gift to our True Self. I've read a lot on spirituality but nothing has made me feel like Spirit is talking directly to me like this book does”.

By Karen Keaton, Dellroy Ohio - USA

“This book guided me.

The life story of the author, her experiences in this, appealed to my very own experiences and in this way it helped me to find more balance in my life.

And that's only the beginning; the lessons which follow in the book are the start of a journey into the very existence of a stunning new truth”.

By Jonnie Ploeg, Amsterdam – The Netherlands