Update 2009

Journey of the Energy shifts within the New World Archive of 2009

New Year

The end of the year is here.

Looking back; how was your year? What stands out the most?

What did you learn, what did you let go of. Did your environment change? Did your job, your friends, and /or your family change?

Every year some people start the New Year with New Year resolutions. Things they always wanted to do or let go of, they promise themselves to do this, this time around…or at least they will try to do so.

Around Christmas the atmosphere is filled with joyous and excited energy from our kids and interactions with family and friends. During these times we remember them stronger, so it seems. During these times they are around us stronger, whether alive or in spirit.

What brings us closer to one another during these times besides the knowing of Christmas and the tradition of giving gifts and having family and friends over?

Why do we feel stronger connected in these days and why don’t we feel it always?

In the United States this one day of Christmas, stores are closed, the smallest amount of people work this one day of the year. Do we finally have time to rest and realize what is truly important. Does this tradition, and for some believe, makes us free again to remember. Free from other daily tasks and duties that we have allowed to rule in our lives.

The more people/spirits feel joyous, loved, togetherness, and unity, the more this vibration radiates across our universe. It is seductive and contagious.

When the level of oneness reaches a collective strength, the oneness of whatever is felt out there will be felt stronger by everyone and everything.

After Christmas the silence is felt. How the silence is interpreted or translated in our emotions have to do what lies within our essence as a believe structure or call it a conditioning.

Know that happiness can be felt always as long as we chose to feel it; as long as we chose to be within it. This goes for everything and everybody.

You hold your own personal scepter; the scepter that contains the powers of existence and creation. Feed your scepter from the heart and Love will be yours to embrace, experience, feel and Be ..always.

May your days be filled with Love & Joy.
Happy 2010!

Within Love,

December 7th, 2009

What if we had done things differently?

What if it did not happen that way?

What if….

We can wonder about how things could have been done and how things could have happened. This gives us clues on how to re-shape our thoughts and actions, if that is the focus. It can also keeps us in the state of wondering, not accepting the outcomes, not accepting our choices, not accepting ourselves.

When we are ready to move past the uncertainty of our own capabilities, when we are ready to move past the blame and guilt of previous choices; we will open up to live on a different level. A level that does not allows limitations out of disbelieve of our abilities. Neither does it allow empowerment out of stealth, encouraged or motivated by our ego’s persuasions.

It will allow freedom in love where no humiliation exists. Learn to be you from a point fear cannot reach your soul abilities.

They are mutually assigned to you as fruits are given away this coming month to those that last in storms and turmoil out of choices made in the past and are remembered in the here and now. Structures are meant to be broken. Allow reintegration in and new thoughts will arise that will make new beginnings; new territories will be seen and recognized. Focus on yourself , let the busy times move ahead, allow silence to adjust you in the here in now, allow your inner beauty to shine bright for the days to come will allow new grounds to appear in the splendor of uniting to those that have lost their ability to shine.. unite them that are broken away from the motion that has no beginning nor end goal anymore. Bring yourself to that point where you unite with the ones that will carry you over to the side where you have found your true calling which awaits your arrival. Now proceed and trust.

For the lightworkers that have worked their way to Today, things will adjust and change aswe are needed to allow the flow mankind has created to evolve. Choose wisely. Recognize to seize each opportunity that may come in the near future as you have grown to allow yourself to rise to the occasion given.

May You be Here every step of the way.

Happy trails.

Within Love,


Rise without expecting
December 1st, 2009

I used to heal people and then came across an experience that did not help me, at least I did not think it did.

Now I understand that it happened as the door for it was open within me. Doors are open within us, mostly without knowing about it. Doors that allow things to enter as we are not aware of them, and need to become aware of them for our further growth. As these things enter, that are experiences, feelings, physical change and/or perceptions, we learn; as long as we allow ourselves to learn.

We can just take it in, and move on in the same direction we have been walking, or seize this opportunity to look at it closely and learn from it.

Why did it come my way? Why did I allow it in? What can I do with it? Why do I want to do that with it?..are some questions to get you started with the self-analyses. By answering your questions, new questions may come until clarity will be found that will help you turn things around for you.

Breaking free from the barriers created by ourselves is giving us wings to fly into the direction chosen by our hearts.

Animals don’t plan their day, week, month or year. They live in the moment. Humanity used to live in the moment and got lost in the mind maze and perceptions of their human surroundings. It is time to mature and rise again. Back to understand the basics, is sometimes needed. But there is more. More that was not known, understood nor perceived in the past, that is now.

We have evolved and it is time to take charge of ourselves now. Full responsibility of all our actions, thoughts, feelings and intentions, will create better days on this planet.

Understand your power, embrace your power, fully become your power and rise without expecting. Move forward in full trust and Love and what will come will come, but it will be experienced within your full ability, power and strength in that moment in time.

This month I am sharing my E-book Xsist, for Contemplation and Reflection. If you wish to receive it; email me at: contact@xsist.org with in the subject: Gift Xsist.

Happy trails dear ones.

Much Love,


Awakening, step by step

29th October, 2009

In this past year we have encountered a lot of conditionings that needed to be faced, understood and released. Regardless if you were consciously aware of this, you were confronted with this and triggered to do something with the feelings/reactions these conditioning(s) were causing within.

A lot of people have made a very good return back to their inner self, their true self, that was awaiting their full arrival. Coming home was a hot topic in my shows and updates of the past months. Coming home to the core of your true self.

In the coming month’s this is an ongoing process, for many. Lighter we continue on our path called life. Easier so called mistakes will be understood and turned around for the better. With greater ease we will encounter others and ourselves as the greater picture is understood, accepted and achieved in many different ways.

The veil between different places in time has been diminished, and for some even completely taken away. The places we wish to visit, we will visit within a blink of an eye. The sounds will be heard, the energy of the places will be experienced just like if you were physically there. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the splendor of your existence as you furtherawaken in the eternal net of the Now.

Use the time wisely; rest when needed, re-center frequently and enjoy life, always.

Within Love,


October 9th, 2009

Work within silence is done by many, mostly without knowing.

Truly loving yourself, truly loving life, truly honoring yourself and others for being in existence; makes you radiate the light that is needed in your environment and beyond.

This is work that is done in silence. Feeding the ones in need of love, positivity, happiness and so on...by being without expecting back. Unconditional love that flows inwards freely as there are no barriers that stop it. Unconditional love that flows onwards as it is allowed to flow onwards by your essence that carries no blame, guilt, sadness nor judgments.

Light warriors I am grateful for your existence.

Shine onwards as the circle of re-awakened ones continue to grow within the divine order of creation.

Within Love,

24th August

Sing your Song

New ways of knowing are being implemented within, as our soul finds its way back home in our hearts.

Always connected yet never as strong united with our body & mind, now we truly beat asone.

Our song can be heard, from the deepest valley to the highest mountain.

First we need to digest these new feelings of existence within the silence of the mind.

Understanding will follow.

Sing out loud without expectations, but only the intent to voice your essence. As you will hear the sounds, feel the vibrations and acknowledge your ways; your heart center will open wide and embrace you with the knowledge, peace and serenity that will give you an instant focus on what truly is to be done by you.

Allow freedom in and move to higher grounds that awaits your arrival.

Sing dear one, sing your song out loud.

and move onward step by step into the newly formed horizon.

Within Love,

July 19th, 2009

Rebirth within the New World

It feels sad.

It feels a burden will be lifted, but the happiness can’t be felt yet.

You feel heavy from the inside, as you are close.. realizing that no one can remember if it is not allowed by their own source ..their own self

It feels like dying, even though you know you are not.

A deep sense of knowing and yet not searching for the who, what, why, when and where as the time will present itself when the world around you seize to exist in how it was known.

Reborn you will see the world through your eyes different yet familiar.

Adjustment is allowed as the love was found.
Adjustment in its own time and pace.

Fruits were sought, now they are found. Fruits will be found everywhere where the mind and heart takes you, in concordance with your soul’s intent.

Happy rebirth dear ones..The time has come.

Within Love,
29th June, 2009

You may want to ask yourself:

How are you fulfilling your dreams?

How are you enjoying yourself?

What is new in your life?

People, decisions, goals….have they changed?

Are you still making excuses so you can allow your ego to stagnate without feeling guilty?

Are you still pointing fingers of blame to others to ignore the opportunities that are coming your way?

Are you still trying to defend yourself in conversations, situations, interactions?

Or are you secure with yourself and has defense been replaced by peace?

Manifestation is almost instant these days.

What do you wish for.. What do you truly wish for?

Be aware of that, as choices from the heart will be right in your face; for you to deal with, take care of, enjoy and learn from.

Old unresolved experiences are remembered clearly these days. Situations remind us of it. Flashbacks come out of nowhere..so it seems.
They are here as we have allowed them to surface.

Actions, questions, wishes, decisions etc.. have opened up doorways to resolve the old..once and for all.

Aware as we are now, we recognize these opportunities. Pick them up with gratitude, and turn them around in the way we know best.

Feelings come back of the past. Feelings you have had when you were a child. These feelings are no longer valid. The knowledge has changed, you have changed. With great ease you release the lower emotions attached to these experiences.
With light and love you move onwards. Ready and willing to take upon you what life has in store for you.

Knowing that you will be able to deal with anything and anybody in the way your heart knows best, as you have chosen to fully live.

Happy trails dear ones.

Until we meet again.
The New awakening

9th June, 2009

The true you is arising from deep within.

You will experience the irritation, frustration, sometimes even anger of interactions and situations that are connected to old persuasions, old beliefs and old truths.

It is wrapped in different situations with the same core and essence of old experiences, as it was kept alive within. Allow yourself to be reminded of how and why you kept it inside.

What will you do with it today…within love and the new frequencies your heart has been residing in.

Are you ready to release it? Are you ready to turn things around for the better? Are you ready to stop running away, and start facing what is of true importance?

The fear we have had in the past does not fit us any longer. Allow yourself to feel that, allow yourself to know that.

Releasing the old, gives us room for the new.

The New that holds the key of our life’s mission.
Let the new frequency flow within so it will awaken the truth that belongs to your soul.

Much love to you on your Journey in the New World!

Within Love,

May 13th, 2009

Your core awaits the awakening within

The days to come are in preparation of the month of June.

The month that an eclipse will occur will influence us to evolve further in the new.

You will start your mission that you have been preparing for.

Remain within serenity, peace and harmony...always

"Now" has given us the moments in time to rebuild the inner structure that was needed.

Connect to your core. Connect with your heart center and bring forth the bliss and miracles the past had given to us.

The old knowledge we have been carrying with us for lifetimes.

Goal is to reveal the old knowledge within the new structure you are building within.

The new structure within will be ready around June and fully blossom in July of 2010.
The old knowledge will be brought forth in a new way, as our structure will be changed and able to translate it in the way needed in the here and now.

The heart center - between our heart chakra and throat chakra - is the gateway to the New World. The New World that carries forth the unknown, unseen and unrevealed to many.

Pass through and forth as the new gateway will lead you to the new frequencies that are about to embark within the chosen ones...the ones that have chosen.....

Erectu devu

Within Love,

The Children of the New World

26 April, 2009

My little boy was asking me today, what kind of work do you do, and I explained the things I did for them and others.

Then he asked me: but what do you do for yourself mom, and I paused…overwhelmed by the love in his voice and sincerity of the situation in his heart…I confirmed to him that I am doing things for myself, and it is very important not to forget to do that. He said: but I never see you do things for yourself. I smiled and told him the things that are important for me. Like most mothers the happiness of my children, brings me happiness but life experiences have made me remember not to forget myself. I shared with him about unconditional love, and how we should feel it for anybody and everything.

Full of love he hugged me. The hugs from children are so warm and loving, so sincere.

I was grateful for the reminder that he gave me and felt I needed to share the following:
Create safe harbors for our children dear ones. Offer them your unconditional love, and be there for them without neglecting yourself.

It is important to not forget yourself in the course of raising your children.

What you do and the way you are is what they see.

What you feel is what they pick up and translate in the way they can and are taught to do so.

Remember who you were, where you came from, what you went through to get to this point in life.

What do you want to teach them?

What do you want to give them?

Do you want to change them?

Or do you want to allow them to remain within the beauty and splendor of the purity of their inner child.

Letting them always remember the true importance of life;…living from the heart within love, joy and purity. Learning, teaching, helping, growing, enjoying, loving themselves and others..Always.

Be the mentor, be the guardian, and allow space and freedom for their true self to evolve in their own time and pace.

A lot is given; through the media, books, schools, workshops, interactions in different places.

Information based upon knowledge derived from personal truth, assumptions, beliefs, scientific research, spiritual translations etc.
What you do with it, is what truly counts.

Find your truth in what comes your way by letting your heart speak to you.

Remember the true importance of life and shine onwards dear people.

Within Love,

29th of March, 2009

Inner Freedom

Inner freedom is liberating and enlightening.

We need to choose fully for this when ready.

Do not doubt your strength and light. Do not doubt your abilities and powers.

Intelligence should not be a measurement of evolution and capacities. It helps us experiencing the things we need to this time around. It helps us interact in the way we have chosen for.

Regardless how intelligent you are, you will interact and connect in the way that is needed and allowed by yourself.

Subconsciously we carry a lot of conditioning with us that we have outgrown. Allow yourself the time and silence to do a self-analysis to figure out who you truly are.

Conditionings are implemented within by choice, either made in this life or previous life times.
Choices to experience in a specific way, choices to act in specific ways, choices to Be the way you were, are and will be.

Important lesson for humanity is to break free from the structures and ties that link us to the old. Old karmic ties need to be consciously broken, and can be broken if we operate from the heart.


I Am…(say your name)…within the power that I am, I embrace myself fully, I love myself fully.

Old experiences have brought me here to this moment in time in which I have decided to let go of past choices and excuses, past thoughts and believes that do not serve me any longer. I release any ties of the present, past and future that are connected to old ways of life on this planet. Any friends, lovers, family, acquaintances, and or strangers that are karmic connected to me I let go. Within Freedom, within the Love and Light that I am we are connected, always. I Am…(your name)… I have chosen to be free of old persuasions, old ways of longing, knowing and needing. I live in the moment with Freedom, Love and the Light of All existence.. I AM.

Do this as many times as you feel you need to release it fully. The amount of times are not important. The connection to your heart is important to experience full and complete release of the old. This release is important to be able to embrace the new frequency fully.

Rejoice dear ones the time is here to do so.

Within Love,

27th of February, 2009
The Virtue of letting go of the old

Where are you now? Now that the road has turned into a cross road.

Other directions revealed themselves. New beginnings are being revealed.

Where are you now with your thoughts, beliefs, trust and freedom?

Do you allow freedom within? Freedom that silence within had brought to you. Do you allow yourself to re-center when needed, to retrieve the needed balance to keep you on your right path?

Where are you now?

Do you know, as you have chosen to live a life within self-awareness?

Is it clear to you as you have learned to trust that the choices you make from the heart will lead you in the direction needed?

No fears, no doubt, no illusions. Just the understanding that the knowing will come when it is time to know.

Do you welcome any encounters, interactions and challenges as you know it will help you grow into the human being that you are meant to be?

Have you let go of the old frequency and are you emerging into the virtue of the new world?

Where are you now? What are you allowing yourself to feel, experience and Be?

For you to answer...
Within Love,

February 1st, 2009

The importance of unity

Unity is important in these times of change.

A lot of change has integrated into our essence in these past weeks.

Again, you feel like a different person. When you take the time and look at your life like an observer, honest and objective you feel and recognize the inner shift clearly.

You feel different yet your environment seems not to have changed.

And yet it did.

Regardless if you are going through these shifts spiritually conscious or not, the shift is happening to all of us.

Comparing, measuring, judging is moving further away from you, and will completely vanish from your essence the further you grow.

The truth is right in our face. What are we doing with it?

Are we still blaming others, or are we looking for solutions for the interactions that are not flowing according to our hearts truth. Solutions that are right for you within the Light and pure energy of Love for yourself carry no blame, judgments nor doubts. Move forward within Love and truth and on your path you will find yourself, learning, growing and enjoying life to the fullest.
Protect yourself as you have grown into a more sensitive human being. Put yourself in light whenever the atmosphere changes beyond your choice and actions.

Unite with the ones that are on your frequency. Connect, rejoice, heal & shine onwards.

You are not alone.

BE and know that you ARE.


Within Love,

Happy 2009

People will consciously entering a new Era this year.

Finding new meaning, new truth, new ways.

Change will be felt, change will be seen, the needed change will be established.

Facilitated by the energies the source is sending us, accumulated by earth's presence; new changes and new opportunities, are created by us all that choose to live here.

We all have our different explanation and justification about the importance of life on earth.

Important is that it unites with the creation missions of All that is. If that is not the case it will not hold its power and existence in the world we are a part of today.

You may think that other peoples actions are not a part of the missions of All that is, as it does not feel right or is right in your beliefs and perception.
Everyone is a part of the greater plan that reaches higher and further then we can begin to imagine.

Your task is to make sure that your response or reaction to actions of others derives from your heart, in balance with your mind.

Find the truth of your heart, find your rhythm, find your inner Light.

This year will open up venues of enlightened actions. Be within the purity of your heart to recognize it and ride the waves to better tomorrows.

Enjoy the ride!

Within Love,