Journey 2008

2008 updates


Spiritual Imbalances

Are you a Spiritual Being

Are you a healer?

Are you a light worker?

What makes you that?

Was it your natural state of being, interest, ability, need, knowledge?

What brought you to this point in life?

What do you feel is your mission?

Do you know your life’s mission?

Do you feel you need to know your life’s mission?

What will we allow to create with our minds?

What is created within our hearts?

Instant change and instant manifestations derives from choices made from the heart.

Instant as the purity allows the flow of manifestation.

Indirectly, if the mind allows disturbance within the flow of creativity.

Why wass this titled "Spiritual Imbalances" ?

To make you see the importance of your set goals and used skills. Move beyond what you have ever believed. Move beyond what you have ever known.

Move beyond this; because you can.

Allow yourself to be the one that allows freedom to flow outwards and inwards to move further as growth is at hand. Allow the foregoing motion to align within.

Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow is only the same by choice. Bring yourself back to the forefront.

Spirituality can lead to imbalances within when one does not allow to focus and Be in the moment of day and time.

When one allows to loose track of what one has started, by choice, that carried responsibility for themselves and/or others.

What is given to today will grant new motions to flow within for those that are willing to move ahead on the road of their destiny.

Today starts when you allow today in. Tomorrow is, when yesterday lies in the past for you, and you have grown beyond the conditionings and believe of Today.

Feel the words. Be who you are. All day, Always. Let truth prevail!

INNAMU RESOMAN – time less awareness

Within Love,



New insights

The energies of today are putting truth right in your face. Are you ready to see, are you ready to believe, are you ready to honor Yourself within the purity of your own heart?

A lot of anger is spread outwards now out of frustration and discernments. Truth will be told if you are ready to face the facts of life. Read in between the lines, feel strong and listen through your heart, act through your heart, live through your heart.

Stay within your own energies at all times.

The new shift established in July, has been felt by many now. New bridges are forming ahead of you to further illuminate the newly found. Keep walking on your path by breaking through the old boundaries that were put there to hold control, maintain within insecurity and prevent strengths of one’s focus to overcome and grow further in time. A new horizon is in sight that will illuminate the darkness that has been on earth for so long. Be a part of the illumination by whispering the words from the heart to the ones ready to learn. No judgments can be heard; just the required steps to take to further out grow the newly found today to bring forward even greater steps of growth tomorrow.

Become free of your own restrictions. Breathe out light from the heart and move forth to the next level of existence.

Travel and Be well.

Within Love,



Arise and live

August has made her entrance. Rapid changes are about. Changes that you already manifested in the past are coming to completion right now.

What you have shun away from for so long you will find on your path now. For you to address, for you to acknowledge, for you to overcome.

The energies are filled with positive force and determination, and will give you the impulses that will help you on your way to the next level of consciousness.

The next level of consciousness is different for everyone of you. It all depends where you have allowed yourself to be in the here and now.

Erectus Sanctus..are the words that flow through me now. May the sacred part within you awaken and arise dear friends.

Portals are opening. New ways are being introduced on a large scale now.

Help guide the ones that are about to embark this journey. Unite and bring forth the kingdom of grace for humanity to hold dear to their hearts.

Allow freedom to flow within clearly. Shine onwards!

Within Love,




Amalia asinth

The new day has been brought forward. It is the bringer of salvation to the people across time.

Many meet now with those they knew in past connections, previously they united in the wisdom they kept within themselves, accumulated through the voice and presence of existence. Now feel, remember, then reunite with those of past interactions. Involved you are now to finalize, start and bring forward that what has been kept behind many centuries ago. Ignorance will be ignored. Knowledge will be given. Understood then, known in the here and now.

Analyzing lies in the past for those that have found themselves. Once you allow the flow of Light inwards; burdens are resolved, illusions are broken, the path will be experienced to be clear. Seen through the eye God instilled in you. Given wings to fly, mountains to overcome. Futures seen by the eye of God knows merely truth, splendor, love and joyfulness infinitely. Always be certain that you are one with all that carry forth the splendor and emanation of truth

Unite dear ones. The future will be yours to emanate forth. Create beginnings after endings,.. Create.., the time has come to release yourself into the new.

Today it will be felt by mankind.

Blissfulness for all.

Within Love,




The Winds of Change

As mid July is approaching, things are accumulating that reminds us of the past and the changes that are required to keep moving forward.

Sadness, feelings of physical exhaustion without a clear sense of cause are filling up our days.

Know that now is the time to remember your true goals in live. Now is the time to stick with your truth.

Don’t get disillusioned by the set backs that are presenting themselves. Know that this will be soon stop as we have proven to remain within the newly found Self.

August will bring new beginnings for many. The core of the earth ignites the energy of splendor and joy and will radiate it across our atmosphere, which will be felt and experienced in the next month to come by the winds of change.

Throw “old shoes” away and hold onto or find your new direction in the here and now.

Surrendering to Truth and Light.


Dear Friends,

Do you feel at peace? Is silence within you and do you get less and less upset about the little and big things that use to bother you?

Are you expressing yourself truly, as you are done with putting yourself last? Are you moving forward as you feel it is time to move ahead?

If you recognize the above, you are consciously walking the paths of the New World. Our earth gives us gifts, if we allow it in. The earth gives us resonance with our deepest truth, if we allow ourselves to face the facts.

Union is in the midst of us. Union of the elders that have, are and will roam the earth in the past, present and future. They will guide us through this new time. Allow in what feels right.

They hear the oceans; feel the depth that has arisen once again for uniting all species together as one. The kingdom of humanity is undergoing a major shift as said before (see update of 5/26/08), more and more will unite with their loved ones in this time of need of surrender, where the old is resolved by the new. In the safety that is felt and given by the ones allowed in our environment, we will then be willing and able to release the wounds that have kept us behind.

Let love flow, let Love be felt within you and around you, so the walls of protection come down and surrendering will be accomplished, surrendering to your complete Self.

Let the truth be told, felt and lived. May we concur the breakthrough that awaits us, within the Love that we are.


Dear Friends,

The end of May is near, how time flies.

The experiences of the past two weeks have brought us into a new rhythm. Many have felt the changes clearly within. But not all were able to translate these new feelings and perceptions. Disruptions, aggravations and misconceptions were the results of these changes.

There is a lot of peace back in our homes. Things have settled back to normal it seems, yet it is different.

A new rhythm has entered the lives of many, as a new vibration has been adapted to. We act differently, we feel differently and we will interact differently.

These new rhythms will come and go in the coming months. We are going through major shifts and so is our planet.

The earth undergoes a slow but steady climax that will erupt further by mid June. June will be the start of another new beginning, that will further evolve in July. Bridges will come down, creating space for new ones to be build. Old ways will be soon released, as new ways are entering our timeline. New ways of approaching life, each other and most importantly ourselves will become apparent. We will find new and deeper understanding about ourselves, our life path in the past, present and future. This is required for us to make it possible to release the things we have outgrown, and make a conscious re-connection with our higher-self, so we can move forward complete and aware; enjoying and learning from our experiences, every second along the way in our journey in the new world.

As the earth changes, so are we. As the earth cleanses itself, so will we.

Stay connected with the earth, consciously. Share your love and light with our planet as we move forward in our new world. Stay grateful and aware of yourself, day by day.

Journey well!

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

Irritation, impatience accompanied by love and excitement is being experienced right now.

The energies are flowing fast within our grid, our essence and our earth. Many things, people and other life forms are being transformed into a lighter and more adjusted state of being that fits our surroundings better. This happens daily, rapidly and strong and how it translates in our minds is how we allow it to be translated.

We can fight it and not allow it in or we can flow with it and trust and embrace our full self in the process of it all.

I realized today that if we fight it, irritation, impatience even anger will be felt, as we do not allow ourselves to live and enjoy the moment.

We are being pushed to finish what we started. After finishing what we started new room will be created for new developments that we may learn from in our lives that carry the new vibrations of our new world.

The old unfinished business still carries the old intentions that has a lower frequency then the one you have adapted to recently. Finishing it now, within the love and vibration that you call your own, will open new doors and opportunities for further growth. Stay patient when you encounter diversions, stay within your light and energy and continue to do what your heart tells you to do.

Everything happened and happens for a reason; well thought of or unknown. The outcome will bring you in a place of new growth and new opportunities to experience, learn and Be within the joy you allow yourself to be.

People come and go, but You will always Be. Allow it fully!

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

I wanted to share about the gathering of the unities that are known and meant to be One.

Yes we all are One, we all are connected.

But we have groups of like-minds that returned to this planet with similar goals and perspectives.

Last year a great new beginning was made on a level that opened the doors towards these unities. Many separations were inevitable as well as a logical result of outgrowing old patterns and old ways that were connected to those relationships and interactions.

People started to open up to their true self and attracted the ones that resonated with the energies of their essence.

Slowly but steady these groups started and are starting to recognize each other.

Groups of people will further form, grow and develop themselves with the help of their true self and each other.

Spirit told me about 10 years ago:

Nothing can compare to your powers once you reunite with the spirits that belong to your soul.

We enhance each other’s energy when we are together, either physically or by intent (energetically & telepathically). The only things required are an open heart, trust and Love for yourself and each other.

These are powerful times. Use it wisely!

Within Love,


Dear People,

In this time of manifestation, it is important to choose your own direction.

What we wish for, feel, think and how we express our inner feelings, have a great impact on our lives and everyone around us. And creates manifestation, faster than ever before.

I have been started to paint more active again. The paintings feel different, I am different. People feel it and recognize the energies they need in this time of manifestation. What we create, carries our energy and power.

Are you nervous, fearful, angry, sad or do you have other emotions connected to the lower vibrations around us?

Know that it is your choice, to stay within this energy, or to step out of it and forward in the energies of Love and Light.

Choose for yourself, choose to grow and know that it is ok to have made choices and have had experiences and feelings in the past that you would not choose for now. It has formed you to who you are now. It came upon your path due to choices you have made in the past, consciously or subconsciously. It has brought you in the power in which you find yourself right now.

Where you go to, also has to do with your personal choices. Yes we are being influenced by our environment, but only if we allow it to happen.

Stop with blaming others. Stop with putting things on hold. Stop with making excuses to grow and evolve.

What you dread, are your personal, chosen, lessons to learn. Confront yourself with these challenges, recognize them as your personal chances and opportunities to grow. Live in the here and now, connect yourself with your heart and decide to be who you truly are.

These are the times for preparation. Where we are going lies in our own hands. What will be your choice?

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

It has been a while since I wrote my last update.

Major shifts within my life prevented me to focus elsewhere.

Now that things are calming down again, it is time for me to share with you the following.

The lessons that came to me in the past months all have guided me to owning my full Light and powers.

The Angels worked with me some years ago to guide others to their higher-self in interconnections. Then they stepped aside, telling me I was ready to do it on my own and to take upon me the task of the heart, the task of an energy re-director.

Spirit always guided me and helped me help others with their knowledge and Light. When my son died last year, they stepped aside. Whenever I had a question for myself or about myself, there was silence. Whenever others came my way and needed guidance they stepped forward. The lesson I needed to understand was that it was time to put the knowledge and love from within to work. I was ready to work in connection with my Higher-self first and with them second instead of the other way around.

I started to make Light Wands last year in the Spring. The future owners guides came to me and informed me of the stones, crystals, amount, sequence, name and even price that belonged to the wand. As they are inner Light enhancers the stones are representing the future owners frequency. This week my guide told me that it is time to acknowledge my abilities to do this myself. To see in the future, to feel what is right to make and to create what is needed for the ones that will come on my path.

We are all working on reaching full circle within so we can fulfill our lives mission here on this planet. This is the time to step forward and release the last bits of weight that does not serve us any longer (people, actions and reactions). The coming month will be crucial for many to maintain within the given structures and still maintaining one’s frequency and inner truth.

Follow your heart in every motion you undertake. You know yourself now enough to recognize the given and chosen structures. For the ones searching: find silence, find self-love, find your heart. This will be achieved faster than before, stronger than before.

Reach out to the Stars, fellow human beings, your higher-self. Do this in silence and always from the heart.

May your journey be blissful!

Within Love,