Journey 2007

Updates 2007



The end of the year 2007 is near.

We are in a rollercoaster of change. A change that is creating a doorway to the new world as is manifested in the here and now.

Many people among us are hurting, wandering, and searching for their true calling. All the knowledge that they have accumulated is now ready to be truly integrated within their essence.

Choose to have this accomplished Now. Choose to be the person that you have been searching for in others. Be who you are supposed to be.

2008 is around the corner. We all have been in a transformation in the past year, and it is now time to step forward and own your personal birth rites.

You are never alone. You will always be accompanied by the ones that belong to your soul.

These people will find you, when you are ready. You will find them, when they are ready.

The time has come.

Within Love,



Dear All,

What is going on in the here and now.

A lot of change is still the topic of the day for many. As shared with you at the end of last year..

"2007 will bring much turbulence and change. See it as your chance to do and become what was written in your birth rites."

Moving through the month of November, we all have experienced this change and/or are moving through it more rapidly than we can imagine. Don’t stay stuck in your mind, trying to explain the how’s and why’s. Connect with the heart and hear the inner calling. Breathe and relax yourself. Allow yourself the time and the moments to just BE. Within this self arranged motion of Oneness you will find yourself standing tall, stronger than before.

You came from the past to be in this future. The future that many saw coming, and few will disguise.

The New World is here to show you new resurrections of what was and could not survive before. Many have chosen to hold their scepters of Light high to allow and enhance the new beginnings created for you, by you and many souls beyond time.

Becoming who we truly are is what is needed in these times of upheaval and change. Allow silence to enter, empower yourself and restructure your life as is known in your birth rites.

Within silence, we will find our core. Within silence we will learn what road to turn into. Within silence we will break through the barriers we have hold onto too long. Within silence we will reunite with all the pieces that we may call our own. Within silence we will Be who we have chosen to become in the here and now.

We are in charge of our life’s as long as we allow ourselves to Be.

Within Love,



Dear All,

Altering energies have been brought upon us in the past couple of days and will continue to for days to follow. Choose to be of Earth as you are of Sky and become balanced Human Beings.

Connect to the earth daily in gratitude and send your inner Light to help heal and help altering the planets frequencies with the energies given to you from Sky.

Help to change this world peacefully, in silent if needed. Bring your intentions to those where it will be heard and spread forward and onwards.

Many souls are brought into our galaxy to aid in the big changes that lies ahead.

Prepare yourself by becoming You. Empower yourself with the strength that belongs to your soul.

Choose to be here fully in connection with Earth and Your true Self.

Within Love,




This world we are living in, is as big as you allow it to be. This world we are living in, is as miraculous as you allow it to be. This world we are living in, is as bright as you allow it to be. This world we are living in, is as dark as you allow it to be. This world we are living in, is what we all allow it to be.

When you think you cannot change it by yourself, you are right… But are you alone?? With every thought, intention and action from the heart you are a part of shape shifting and remolding the energies among us. The energies that create and manifest All we can and cannot perceive.

When you decide to hold on to the belief of not being able to change it, you join hands with all that walk the earth and beyond and have that same belief. You enforce that belief and help it manifest itself stronger. When you decide to live your life out of Love and within the energies of Light and belief that the greater good will conquer, you join hands with All that walk the earth and beyond and have that same believe.

Unite with the ones that sing the song of your heart. Believe that your thoughts, belief, action and Love never stand alone. You never stand alone.

We are One. We are all responsible for our actions, ourselves, and each other. Allow yourself to Love yourself.

Interconnect. Unite energetically. Do this consciously. Within silence in connection with our hearts, within Love, we will rise above any obstacle.

Feel…. Allow yourself to BE…. Always.

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

As we all know, the earth is changing. Moreover our universe is allowing change, we are working on change and the earth has chosen for change. Change in her structure, change in her embodiment, change in her progress to a world where Oneness is in progress.

A lot of people are explaining how this change is happening. How we are moving from one dimension into another. How we are experiencing is how we are allowing it in.

Are we listening to other peoples experiences, thoughts, feelings, connections without connection to our own source. Or are we making connection with our own true self, now that the time is here and manifestation is in our hands.

Many people, many perceptions. What I always have brought to the world was teachings about Self-Awareness. How we can learn to understand our true self by going back in time and self-analyse our lives. See where we have to change the energy flow in the past, that is still withholding us from shining bright. Learn from our own past actions so we can redirect them out of love for our selves into the direction we have grown into in the here and now. As we learn to decipher them, we are able to release the lower energies that surround that specific action. As we release the lower energies, we empty our backpack and make our present travel lighter.

Our present travel is as light as we choose it to be. Regardless of our past experiences. Don’t stop and morn about how hard your life has been. Your life is and was how you made it. Our life experiences guide us to a point that we have chosen to reach. A point that aids in our evolution, one way or another.

These choices were made either prior to the start of our present life or during this life time thanks to certain experiences that came our way, and were created out of the choices we made during this life time.

It is time that we truly start understanding from the heart what it means: Life is what you make of it.

If something painful happens in your life, it happens as the effect will allow you a major choice and turn around if you choose so. It does not only make it possible for you to transform. It creates a possibility to reconnect, decide and then change for anybody that can feel your experience and see what is happening to you. The people that can see your experience, either through hearing, reading or truly being there, can do so because they have chosen to be there, listen to the source that is connected to you in any way or form (by choice again). When we start to learn from things, that touch us emotionally, in a positive way, we allow ourselves to grow spiritually and evolve into the being we are able to.

As we are changing our perceptions into understanding from the heart that the experiences are coming into our lives, because we allowed them to either by prior or present choice, we are opening gateways within for growth and deeper perceptions.

The ascension has brought us higher vibrations and frequencies to adapt to and to implement into our life. Earth is working on fully integrating these frequencies and vibration and cleansing herself from old energy patterns that she outgrew, just like we are. Her intention is golden. Out of love for her soul and the task she has as a guardian over so many other souls she understands. In peace she remains, knowing her responsibilities and hers alone. She calls out at the stars to send help for the others….for us. To receive impulses, guidance, love and understanding, so we can stay persistent and chose wisely in the days and days to come. What our thoughts and feelings will be will be as effective as how our actions are. Our thought and feelings ARE our actions. We manifest with this stronger than before, as the earth changes are allowing it to happen, stronger and faster than before.

We need to start to realize that what our fear is, is what we create. What we allow in our feelings we allow to manifest.

I lost two loved ones in my life, my first husband and 9 years later my youngest child. Both I love in the very core of myself. The only thing I wished for in this life time was to be with them. I forgot to love myself fully when my husband passed, and was put to the test if I would hold my ground and BE the person I AM at all times, when my sweet little baby passed on. Their passing has created major leaps into my awareness on many different levels. As I have allowed it into my life. I have chosen to continue this life and to open myself up for the true person I AM and will BE within all the love that I am.

The lesson that I share with you is also by choice. I love this world. I love each and every one of you. For you all to Be is for you all to Love yourself and realize and embrace the wonders that come our way daily. For you to decide…..

Within Love,




Dear Friends,

How do you allow yourself to feel these days?

Are you caught up in small hassles, feeling down because things don’t seem to go your way fast enough.

Relax and find new skills in meditating on the issues at hand. Call them your surrendering mode to a clearer and brighter future. What you decide is up to the larger scale (group) that is in this mode right now.. We form collectives without even knowing it. We form groups and centers in our own energy without being aware of it. What you are is what you silently search for. What and who you are is what you create. The stronger your vibration, the stronger the effect will be.

Re-create in Gods wonder by allowing Light in and Love out. Surrender to the good positive flow, always. To maintain the new born energies of Light inwards and outwards. ALLOW it. Recreate wonders and miracles that are giving support to yourself and others from a place of Light. Realize the power we have to do so. Believe and trust in the greater good that lies in front of us, waiting to be allowed in. Become the universe as we were born to be.

I realize this message may seem unclear to some at first…remember to open your heart and let your heart resonate and translate the meaning behind the words.

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

There is a stream of energy accessing the earth right now. It spreads through the earth via our oceans. An energy that decreases boundaries and eliminates motions that are old and worn by the old world as we know it. We are entering the New in legions, legions of chosen ones.. The ones that have chosen to hear their inner calling and to move forward in the new motion that lies before and ahead of you. Within our new flow, we have found peace and continuation of ultimate changing grounds that we walk on, integrate in and create for.

Place your intent to help others, and your intentions will find the ones in need, mostly silently. Don’t worry about others as it will diminish your strength and value of your inner calling. We all are responsible to choose wisely, to BE in the here and now.

Many things will change in the coming days and months to come. Learn to connect telepathically to the groups that have chosen to hold the torch. This will ensure you that you will always find your way, where ever you are and whatever means are available to you.

Stay calm, always.

Through silence we connect to the source of our powers, through silence we connect to our true calling and tasks.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

Can you feel the silence in the atmosphere… The silence that makes it able to connect with our inner self, our higher self, our Soul.

Take a deep breath and without expectations, inhale the purity that surrounds you. Allow the silence to take over any daily matters and you will feel the sensation of harmony, beauty and joy.

The place that you will feel, you can associate with heaven. A place were only oneness can survive, a place where only unity exists.

Embark on this journey today and see every day as an opportunity to gain space and motion in this place we may call heaven..this place where One is All and All is One with Love in our full being and true excitement in our harts of just Being in the here and now.

Don’t Expect, just Experience…..

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

2007, the year of enormous transformation for everyone that makes this choice.

A lot is expected in September, a lot happened already in the sense of understanding where we came from and where we are going. Unite dearest ones as the time has come to enter our kingdom of Light. The kingdom that is made open for each and everyone of you to join in and illuminate.

Your allies are there as they always have been, now unite with them and create unity within yourself. Re-visit the old boundaries, that you brought upon yourself, by choosing wisely in the here and now. You all have come a long way dearest ones and it is time to be the child that you once was without the boundaries, pain and suffering you accumulated on you road to completion. Within the next day a new way of living is brought down. New information will be shown soon.

Until we meet again, may our heart connect with who we truly are.

Within Love,



Dear Friends,

A lot happened in the last month.

Me and my kids were hit by a car in Holland when I was there to do important work for our planet. My son died. My sweet baby left our planet to work on a different plane with me..when I am ready physically and emotionally.

The Star Sirius Ceremony has been a success and I am very grateful for the important energy that was transferred to the core of the earth into our maze. I was not there physically but united my energy with Christina's from where I was at, and many people joint in as well from different places.

There is much to concur and much to share...but for now I will continue my journey that will lead me to my next task. I will come back when I am in better health again and actually can type..

I want to thank everybody that is and has given me love and healing. My path has been full of love and caring.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,



The New Dawn

Message from Spirit:

The New Dawn has broken. Enfolding mysteries into daily miracles. Making our senses awaken. Feeling, hearing, seeing, Being fully.

The New Dawn has broken. Individuality within Unity brings forward understanding through the essence love carries forward in the maze of the existence we become part of once opening our hearts. Compassion wanders of as empathy finds its way in a better formed home, a home that carries your heart, spirit and soul to the ways that lies before you. We have come to awaken the unity spirit of Oneness. The souls that carries the blueprint of your destiny is connected to you and sending signals stronger than before. See through the eyes of your heart. Feel through the mystic waves that guides you through days. Express what lies within. Behold the torch as you step into the cycle of New Mundia. The New World.

Within Love,



New endings & New beginnings.

It has been awhile since my last update. Many other tasks have kept me busy.

Organizing our trip to the Netherlands for the Star Sirius Ceremony, workshops & lectures here in Ohio, the urge to create Light wands to enhance ones Light energy, setting up my online store; www.innervisioncreations.com and of course my most important role of Mom….

Today it is time to write to you again. It is time as spirit urges me to inform you about the current shift that is taking me in the New World. We all live in the new world but what we need to choose now is to become of it as well. Become the energies that our New World carries by inviting your soul to reconnect with your hearts mission and vice versa. When we connect with the true meaning of our essence, the real reason why we are here. We receive wonders as the light beams that ignite your essence will enforce themselves through the nourishments, love and live force your soul carries.

Prepare yourself again for a new journey, a journey that carries a cycle that brings forward new endings and new beginnings.

Each day you pray to the mother and father (earth & sky) your spirit wanders the 7 bridges that lead to your souls intent. Remember the path taken when in prayer/meditation. Find your way back there every single moment of the day. By reconnecting with our souls purpose our divine/higher self that carries its torch , will unite with your heart that carries the fuel. We all have our own answers, power and purpose.

Unite dearest ones as the time is here, to bring forward new beginnings.

We receive help from our outer world relations, but we are the decision makers, all of us that roam the earth. Bring forward Light and your highest possible frequency to help dispel the wonders that lay covered and untouched. Re-unite with the elders that wait patiently yet determined. Become of earth as you are of star. We are close to a breakthrough that will carry forward extreme new endings and beginnings.

November will bring forward an unexpected wave of refreshment in many ways and forms… Prepare yourself now, so you will not be mistaken the role that lies ahead of you, for you to cherish and embrace.

Within Love & from All my relations,



Read more about energy shift updates in Journey



Dear workers of Light.

We all have our own answers. To access those it is important to have the right frame of mind. The frame of mind that allows purity and love to flow into every corner of our essence, so the higher self can be felt, seen and/or heard by our hearts. The wisdom of ones spirit can only grow in the right direction if one can nurture it with sincere intentions.

Any imbalance that allows our emotional independence to shake on our foundations will diminish our personal strengths and powers. When in balance we can create so much more in the realms of Light and purity, as any imbalance influences our intentions, and any doubt or fear (or whatever negative emotion) influences the cords we connect to on the grid of our universe.

With every single thing that we do we make a connection to the grid as we are a part of the grid and anything that is alive, wandering and visiting from outer realms is a part of the grid. As we connect to the grid we send out energy that contains a frequency and vibration all based upon the essence of what we sent out. The grid is a highway filled with many many different forms of energy that attract each other, enhances each other, reforms each other, decreases and increases each other based upon many universal laws of Being.

The universal laws of Being are ruled by the source of Light that encompasses the universe and beyond. The source of Light that many among us call God, Allah and so on. The Light that contains the blue print of All that is and carries the instructions and instructors where it and they need to be.

The instructors are known as higher Light Beings. Light Beings that carry no burden nor pain. Light Beings that are in complete balance at all time, focused on their mission with the purest of heart and intentions.

They guide others that guide others that guide others on many levels of existence.

The universal laws are imprinted in our hearts. Our conscious knows and informs us through our feelings, not necessarily in detail but more importantly by feeling the inner justice sensations that make us know what is right for us to do and what is not.

Believe in your own inner justice calling, Know yourself and be conscious of what you spread into and onto our grid with any intention that your heart and mind may carry.

Become One with your true Light and connect with the source of your existence. Practice this until you master this as we are being called upon to join forces with All that is for the greater good to blossom within its splendor of Light.

Within Love and guidance,




Your life is what you make of it.

A band of light is coming down next weekend.

It will create an impulse that can be felt long before it enters our hemisphere and long after it resides back within its highest orders where the pulsating vibrations/frequencies are entering earths rim.

What we are going through now is a new ranking of our personal frequencies. As we are balancing out our body and spiritual essence many are reaching conformities with the angelic forces that encompass this planet.

The bridge I speak of often is very close to be sturdy and solidly anchored, almost ready to balance out the weight of the new arrivals.

Face your fears, don’t deny yourself and choose your actions/words/thoughts wisely. These are the hours of manifestation. These are the times for great change based upon the reality you choose to live in.

The energies of April will create welcoming and soothing warmth and causes some disturbance in the human pathology perceptions. Happiness will be spread; happiness will be felt and seen in each other’s eyes as you follow your calling step by step.

Know yourself, and enjoy the ride!

Within Love,




There is an army of Light beings coming our way. The Star Guards. To help unite us with the ones that lost their way.

They will assist the ones that have come full circle, those that crossed the bridge into the New World.

When I see them, thousands of them, I see them descent towards Earth, like they are on an escalator.

Unity will come through them.

You may feel a new presence in your daily tasks. New and greater insights, visions and knowing. Let it run and translate through your heart and your heart alone.

New people will come on your path, guided by these Light beings, that heard your calling.

You are ready now to proceed to fulfill your mission.

Enjoy the chosen Journey.

Within Love,



Intergalactic unions are being recreated. Unions that create bonds between the outer universes and our own that will further us in our growth to enlightenment.

Pressure may be felt among those that carry the torch for all mankind. Pressure that forces you to look beneath the surface of life created by mankind. Hear your true calling, it has been offered to you time after time. Are you ready to recognize it fully, encompass it fully, Become yourself completely.

See the signals, read the signs. Call upon the love inside of you and reach out to the Light Beings that are awaiting your arrival in the “New”.

Stop when it gets overwhelming. Re-center. Listen to the whispers in the night, within the silence lies your song. Unite dearest ones.

More and more you will find the ones on your path that carry similar inner rhythms, old friends that are back to join forces. Unite!

Within Love,



Another star gate has been opened that will allow the flow of the latest shift to find its way to earth.

No one will understand the forthcoming of the energy at this time. In about another month this is made clear as the unification of the star guards are being brought to our attention.

Uniting the star guards at this time is essential for the breakthrough of the 11th percussion of earth's miraculous change in sequence and frequency.

I would like to express my gratitude towards mother earth and the lightworkers that worked on a major task in silence yesterday.

You may feel tired today, but happy within your core as the mission has been successful.

Out of experience I recommend you to ground yourself by connecting consciously with the love of mother earth. She is awaiting your hearts connection.

Within Love,