Journey 2006

Mild waves are encompassing the earth at all times. So are they today. Mild waves that encourages us to continue our journey in concordance with our hearts.
There is no big shift around the corner, as what is established since June is coming full circle today (in this time of the year).
2006 has been an important year as the elevation of frequencies reached her ultimate ground. Many among us have been riding the waves of challenges and opportunities. Shedding and accumulating that what was needed to reach or become closer to full embodiment of the Light.
The pioneers of Light are still working on bridging those that learned to know their true selves in time to guide others and/or their soul mates across the time that carries no burdens, nor pain.
Find your true calling as you silent your mind so the strength of your soul can make way to your heart.
2007 will bring much turbulence and change. See it as your chance to do and become what was written in your birth rites.
I wish you all a successful and joyous 2007.
Within Love,

Magic is in the air. Magical energy that allows us to understand who we are meant to become after the new dawn has fallen.
A year from now many will look back and will not remember the ways that disturbed our thoughts and essence. Many among us will be subsiding within this higher frequency that carries no worries, no hatred nor pain.
Living lives within a higher frequency will allow us to see the ease in things that once seem troublesome. We will recognize the paths that are there for us to walk on, to share, learn and grow.
We will radiate this ease and will emanate our Light into and onto our planet. Creating networks and bridges that can carry those forward that will follow their inner calling.
The shift of last week has brought in the buillding blocks for all to use.
Choose what you want to Be and so it shall be. Start building the new roads that you will be needing for further growth and understanding.
Within Love,

I see doorways opening up again. Doorways that were closed in the past as the flow consisted out of to much negative streams of emotions. It is time again for these doorways to open. They lead into the Light, the Light of tomorrow - the future so to speak.
Doorways to the different galactic freeways are given access to. You will find your dream world alter. More intensely you will access the different stages of life, more clear you will see the true intent of tomorrow’s treasures.
We have been subsiding in the calm blue wave that encompasses the planet. The wave that allowed us to think deeper then our mind can normally comprehend. New self assurance derived from this calm wave. The wave that is preparing us for the swift alteration in frequency once the blue moon has faded.
Allow yourself time to rethink your future tasks and goals. Be in the moment when you shift into a higher gear of motion.
Become the Light that you are meant to Be.
Within Love,
The Aftermath...
For the ones that have been on their conscious journey the aftermath of the big shift of late has been consuming in many ways and forms.
We were stimulated to face our deepest obstacles, concur them and are now in the process of fully understanding and releasing them.
The silence that is following is already noticeable. A peaceful feeling within is taking over the turbulance of the green energy that encompassed the earth. Within a calm blue wave we will subside. Awaiting the next pulse that will be arriving mid December.
Many among us have come full circle and are approaching the finalization of our initial but most important healing process. This healing process can be seen as the many roads we are choosing to walk on, learn from and grow. What we were is not what we are becoming. And what we will be in the near future is not what we will be further down the line of life.
Unity will be key in the next three months to follow. Let's prepare ourselves to the oneness that lives within our hearts. The light that our hearts carry will be spread across the universe in the days to follow.
Within Love,
The past week we have been experiencing an energy wave that has been preparing us for tomorrow – 11/11/06.
Tomorrow there is an opening in a former star gate that have ruled the universe millions of ages ago. It is time again to flourish and shine. The benefit of this star gate will illuminate the skies of tomorrow in such a manner that is noticeable for future scientist to discover.
Absent minded is how the preparing energy has made most feel. It has been hard to focus, hard to remember even the slightest thing that happened hours/days ago.
Our muscles where tightened up as the energy flow that went through us needed to adjust our structure to facilitate future transitions. Yoga exercises are very beneficial to increase the flow and help prepare our bodies for future changes.
The opening of the star gate is a celebration. That will celebrate the new ease of manifesting and understanding what truly belong to us.
The next month will be educational for many as the green energy that will encompass the earth in the next few days will allow us to open up to new capabilities and opportunities.
Enjoy the journey.
Within Love,
A healing soothing energy (pink/blue waves) are coming through. The emotions that were amplified are being tempered as it adjust to our system.
Within this energy we find our new rhythm just in time to go through another major shift close to and on the 11th of November.
Connect to the earth to manifest and to recreate your life’s. The earth will assist in this process that will illuminate all the way through the 14th of this month.
Enjoy the beauty of the season!
Within Love,

The energy’s that have been poring into our grids are stimulating us to express our darker side, to release our darker side. To face the truths that we wish we never needed to face.
The energy’s of the present are like a mirror with no end. We see the very depth of ourselves that is endless, as we keep growing.
Grounding is still essential. Grounding yourself when you feel off centered.
The universe carries a lot of wonders. The wonders are being opened up for our senses to receive. Understanding them takes time and growth. Absorb the universal knowledge and go with the flow.
Transmute anger into love and protect yourself with the power of intent.
The road to November seems a long one within the current energy flow. Once there, we will acknowledge the new self in a sphere of joy and satisfaction. Just in time to ride the new waves that this next month is bringing us forcefully yet full of kindness.
The universe will be introduced to the masses that recently opened up their hearts to its truth.
It will be an energetic month, with lots of innovative behavior.
Again enjoy the ride.
Within Love,
The sky is bright, lit up by the love candles of our soul brothers and sisters of outer universes. They are here to join and welcome us in spirit, mind and soul.
Ask and it will be given to the purest of hearts. Believe and you will hear the song and laughter that surrounds you daily. Feel and you will be there within the love of our thoughts and essence of being.
You all may have felt the tiredness over the last few days. Many old memories have passed our thoughts, dreams and feelings. A new perspective has been joining us from within. We have grown and now can look at old actions and beliefs with a refreshing open mind. New understanding allows us to release. Do this sooner then later. The time is there and will help facilitate this.
The transitions I spoke of earlier this month carry forward change in time, space and embodiment. Now we can easily embody, by choice, who we truly are.
Embrace the Light that is being brought upon us!
Enjoy, Love & Share.
Within Love,
Next week is about major transitions. Transitions in time, space and embodiment.
The energy that has been felt in the last couple of days has to do with preparation of this wonder transition that will move us over to the next phase in time.
The energy that will be experienced will be light, almost weightless. Ground yourself as often as needed.
Within Love,

Being in it but not of it.
Three days ago I have felt a shift within. It brought me to a higher place of vibrations. A place where worries, questions and needs are being dismissed almost instantly, as they are non-existent.
So welcome we are here within this new motion of Light that has been brought upon us.
It is a cloud-like feeling, in contact with our higher self. A feeling that makes you think you are looking at your life through the eyes of a stranger. The energy that surrounds you with this is silent and so peaceful.
Enjoy every moment, re-appreciate life as it was and now has become.
The understanding of our old lessons have become clear now, now that it is time to move on onto and into the new cycle life is presenting to us. The rays of light are touching the earth, penetrating the earths crust to integrate within the grids of our existence.
From the inner eye it seems like an enlightened ball now. Our planet is filled with Light energy that travels faster then one can imagine. Bathe in it, become one with it. Place your intent there and so it shall be.
You will recognize your presence within it as the beauty, love and peace will emerge instantly within your spirit and soul.
Yes, the 3rd dimensions perceptions are still around us, important is that we will get the consciousness now of being in it but not of it.
Keep following your hearts, beautiful people. The time has come!
Within Love,

What may be felt right now is desertion, aloneness, beginnings and peace.
The energy feels calm and balanced right now, almost like living within a cocoon. Safe and quiet, yet at peace and in harmony as the process of time has no meaning nor pressure.
What will be next is of no interest as of now we are within the moment that teaches us the most. Triggers us to maintain within ourselves. We are harvesting what has been sown.
Recognize your ways that blend into the new world of energy that surrounds us. Feel at comfort, joyous and reluctant towards distress that carries old burdens that no longer belong there.
Enjoy the day, radiate what lives within the heart. Solve what collides shortly and continue to breathe through the maze of love that accompanies us in this journey of life.
Within Love,
Inner Silence
The time is here that facilitates silence in the mind. Remembering what we did yesterday is an effort. The importance of remembering is minimized. The void that one is feeling right now is the result of putting your spirit first.
The mind that once was in control is now being overruled by your spirit that holds the key to the universal truth. Once your mind has surrendered, the access has been made clear.
Take time to adjust to this inner sensation of silence. Give yourself the time as you embrace yourself with love and do what you like to do most.
Get accustomed to this sensation as it is here to stay. Within this inner silence, your senses will find ways to develop and mature so you can adapt more fluently to the higher vibrations that surrounds you daily.
Within Love,

21st July, 2006
The following was given to me this morning after a question about the climatologic changes was asked yesterday:
The month of August will bring change and differences within the ones that are open and ready to receive earth’s changes.
The trembling and shaking that will start within the core of the 8th power center will manifest it selves within the ones that have chosen to become one with us All.
The changes within the core will spread through them and will reach full circle by the end of this year’s cycle.
November will be an enforcement and repeat of similar sensations and manifestations what August will bring only then the force will be an alignment with the masses that have opened their hearts and are in the process of achieving new heights and grounds within.
Prepare them who are within reach and those that have chosen for this reunion of One song through ones heartbeat and ones core existence, to become solely true with the oneness of this planet.
Within Love we remain.
I did request information on how we would be experiencing this restructuring earth is igniting and was told that the knowing would distract us from the true inner strengths that we carry onward instinctively.
So again dear people: Don’t expect. Experience and trust that you will be there where is needed and you will act upon what is given in the only right way that flows from the heart.

Within Love,
11th of July, 2006
Finding your truth within Silence
Spirit told me a few months ago that July would be an easy ride.. The beginning of this month I couldn’t see it nor feel it, as the energy felt heavy, depressing and thick.
The Light is here now. Things are moving vividly and quickly. The time has come to enjoy the simple pleasures life is giving us. Re-appreciating them as we embrace them.
The so-called simple things, reach a deeper meaning, teaches us deeper wonders and clarifies why struggle should be left behind.
As you know everything we encounter is by choice and choice alone. Choices from the past, present and future.
When things get too overwhelming (happiness, new findings, pain or sadness) try to let it go for a while. Step away and rationalize the situation – keeping your mind in balance with your heart.
Remember the power of Silence. Remember the Light within Silence. Remember You.
When the time has come for you to embrace the whole you within this continues cycle (life) of death and rebirth you will find “new” wonders that have lived within you all along. Enjoy your inner exploration during this time of Peace, Love & Light.
Prepare yourself for the changes to come in August, that will rearrange the climatologic system as we know it into a new structure for the time to come.
Preparation is all about finding your truth by learning to listen to your heart and learning to remain with the trust of your beliefs.
Enjoy the Summer!
Within Love,

Becoming the wave
Of great importance now is to understand that the ride on the waves has taken/will be taking you home.
The road is still bumpy but starts to even its way out.
Many among us have felt the ups and downs, the highs and lows emotionally.
Disappointments, fears, pains and sadness were felt stronger, stronger expressed, stronger lived.
Now that it is subsiding we find ourselves on hold. Awaiting the next steps to take, feeling the opportunities arising, and coming nearer each second of the day, yet too far to grasp as of yet.
July will be a gentle and smooth ride, accommodating us in every possible way.
By becoming the wave, the stream will guide us to the place were we belong. To the tasks we need to recognize. To the people that belong to our soul.
Progress is being made for the greatest shift of this year in August. Prepare yourself by becoming one with your heart and soul, One with the Universe,
and its flow will be recognized.
Go with the flow and enjoy every second of it!
Within Love,
Riding the waves

At the end of the day on this past Saturday I felt a shift in energy that made me feel like we have entered in the New.
It felt like a rebirth giving us a fresh new start with new opportunities and new insights.
What do we do when things (the energy) get too overwhelming?
We stop and do nothing. We absorb and relax. We ride the waves, make emotions pass our system and allow them to be released from our inner self and mind for good.
When the world as we knew it no longer exists it feels like we have traveled into time and space for many years to get here, yet in time as we knew it, it only has been a day, month or year.
The New world gives us a complete different awareness. An awareness that makes us reach deeper inside of ourselves and our environment. An awareness that gives us insights that are at first still hard to translate into words.
We have moved from the old world into the new. From the lower vibrations into the higher. The higher vibrations that we have allowed in, makes our hearts resonate with new knowledge that has been a part of us, but had not awoken until “today”.
Time & place doesn’t exist within our new world. Plans & wishes of the heart manifest themselves in “a blink of an eye” if you only fully Believe.
Travel within to the place you dream of and wish to be and so you shall be.
The transfer into this new realization that we call the New world will take some time and that is OK. The next few months to come will allow a stream of energy into our grids that will liberate, motivate & stimulate us towards the new tides that carry no time.
The ones that have crossed the bridge into the New world will join forces and help the others on their journey into the higher vibrations of our planet Earth.
Rejoice dearest ones..the “time” has come.
Now that the energy of the shift I spoke of earlier is here, what should we do.
We have found ourselves in the midst of it today. An energy that slowly encompassed our environment and personal space.
You may have felt dizzy, overwhelmed by a heavy energy wave. Confusion is a logic result, as what is perceived is not understood as of yet.
What is happening?
We are being transferred into a united storm of opportunity, growth, prosperity and chances that can lead us to the bridge of human illusory concepts or bring us home where we belong.
The choice is yours to make. What road to take, when confused? Remain still, re-center don’t choose until certain and balanced.
Our earths maze is filled with an energy that keeps the sensitive ones among us buzzing. You may feel bursts of energy that makes you hyper. It expresses itself in the ways that makes you You. The end result of this is dizziness, sadness as subconsciously you feel the pain of the earth and its inhabitants.
At times like these, shine your light consciously outwards AND inwards. Heal yourself then heal others. Love yourself then love others. Rejuvenate: sleep, meditate, rest.
Get use to this new sensation as it is here to stay and grow bigger, day by day.
Don’t be alarmed, as You will grow as well. Be conscious, Be You.
Reconnect with your soul mates that are out there to join forces. Interconnect!
Within Love I remain,

Major change is about. You can taste it when sensitive to energy. It is around the corner waiting to stream in at the right given time.
The shift that is approaching will lead us to many ventures, heights and lows.
I feel like repeating myself over and over when I remind you all to maintain yourself within the balance of your heart. Yet I know it is the most important message during these shifts that accompany so much disruption and pain for those that haven't chosen (yet) fully to follow their hearts desires.
Find truth within the balance that you create for yourself. As the truth of your heart represents the true You.
As you step into your own personal power, there is no way back. At least not for good. As once tasted the beauty and love of the Light, nothing will and can compare.
Behold as the ship of change is about to sail off. For the ones that have embraced their inner light it will be manifestation time. Your wishes and dreams that belong to your hearts are enfolding into the Now. Handed to you on a silver platter.
Capture it. It is well deserved!
Within Love,
When tuning in, at first I noticed that it’s quiet out there. Then spirit joined to share to the ones that will choose to read/hear.
A message from spirit to you through Wilhelmina:
Decision are being made based upon past knowledge instead of future trust. This causes a disruption in the love maze that has been build up over the past two years. No major harm done though. The acceleration of Love that has been embraced by the ones of Light will rebuild this gap within a blink of an eye.
Yet caution is asked for; not to waste your energy on mere earthly belongings nor earthly “requirements”. Feel the true need that rises upon you when you join forces with the ones that chose light to be their true calling.
We are gathered here to show you a new meaning of today’s challenges/missions chosen by the hearts that belong to freedom alone.
Remember dear friends. Remember your spirit, your kindness and warmth on the days that seems dark and lonely to come.
Within Love,
May 4th 2006
A soothing energy has been brought upon the planet to ease the transition. This is the time to contemplate on what you wish to manifest in your life.
Where do you want to go in the next couple of months. What do you wish to accomplish. Make your choices wisely, make them from the heart and so it shall be.
The angels created a circle around the planet, to embrace it with loving energy, impulses that establishes trust within. In silence they are working awaiting the responses of the human beings that are responsible for the next steps ahead..
The words that keep coming back from them are: Remember, Believe and Trust and it shall be done within the light and love that is carried onwards by mankind that have chosen to Be.
This wave that is coming through right now is gentle, soft and loving. It embraces us like a warm blanket on a cold winters day. Find the comfort within so you can find the silence within. The silence that will lead you to the core of your true existence.
Within Love,

The energy shift for the next few days:
There is a certain energy wave that is coming our way that will cause a lot of disturbance in the atmosphere, it will be a challenge for most to maintain their balance.
Of great importance, now more then ever, is to keep everything purified. Thoughts, actions but also the presence of people we work and or interact with.
Eliminate when you need to negotiate, spirit tells me. Meaning: if things don't go smoothly and it is a battle to reach mutual agreement, it is time to let go.
I can't stress more how important it is to maintain your balance right now. Re-center as often as you need to.
When you find yourself in a different and strange energy wave, it is up to you whether to decide to ride this wave or maintain within the energy known by your heart.
Make your choices wisely, and remember your rhythm, your heart beat, your song. Above this all (within your balance) you will find peace, love and Angels sing.
Within Love,
Change is among us, with every breath we take and every choice we make.
Feel the joy, the peace, the Light that surrounds you. It is here to stay.
Know that any disruptions, blurrens, frustration or anger is there by choice. Your choice.
Choose for the true You, once and for all. Step into the New World that surrounds you in all of her glory.
Focus on Balance, Love & Purity - and everything else will go as smooth as can be.

Within Love,
The last big shift that took place between the 4th and the 9th of April has subsided.
The way these shifts effect us has to do with our frame of mind, our inner balance and inner trust. The message is to realign yourself when feeling lost, "off" and or confused.
Reach out to likeminds for guidance and/or support, when the weight seems too much to carry.
Brighter days are on the horizon that will allow us time to rejuvenate, contemplate and reflect.
Within Love,

According to my source the ascension has almost come to completion. In July it will be done, full circle.
Then more shifts will come that will adjust certain levels of impurity and other imbalances.
The drive to move upwards for humanity will increase. As many have noticed around them many changes have occured. Many old habits are being broken, new ways have opened themselves up for those aware and ready.
Happy days filled with peace and contentment are being exchanged so every now and then for deep sad ones, as our system is saying farewell to the old patterns and ways as we move onwards.
Take the time to be You. Rest, eat healthy and enjoy!
Prepare yourself by learning to be the true You so you can stand the tests of time the new shifts will bring.
Within Love,
I am not a person that focuses to much on the future, but today they brought me a clear picture as the near future is Now, time is nothing and preparation is of great importance
My channelings are direct and short. Important is to read between the lines. Feel rather then read all the words and your essence will connect with the message that is out there for you personally. No fear, no anxiety needs to be felt as everything we are working on happens for a reason. A reason manifested by the choices of our hearts.
Between April 4th and 9th there will be another shift that requires our attention. It will be a big shift that will move us up higher (as all the shifts have moved us higher step by step).
Uncertainty about the future will be signs of elevating. Questioning ones goals and tasks. Remain quiet, re-center when felt disoriented. Focus on peace within.
May will be a soft, smooth ride for the ones that have chosen to lead the pathway of loving light. It will be a time of recovery, rejuvenation and preparation.
June by the other hand will be bumpy, a roller coaster ride as many will say.
February was mild compared to June. Many will start to realize that their road of consciousness has come to an end. The consciousness as they knew it. They will start to see beyond the veil, beyond illusions which could be and will be frightening for many. Gather yourself as often as needed. Interconnect when the feeling is to hard to take.. As often as you wish!
Goal of the interconnection sessions will be to realigning the energy of the ones that are in tune/ready. Ready to move onwards so the mass will not suffer from hysteria.
July you will be sailing through the new horizons are in sight and you know when to act and what to do. Rejoice!
Preparation are being made for August. Major changes will shift those that have no where to reach to. Guidance is required. Prepare! Until we meet again dearest ones.
The latest shift
The message for the last decennia has been to start releasing the old to make way for the new. Focus was to find your true self, as only self awareness can lead you properly on this intense energetic road of shifts and changes.
Many have embraced their tasks and essence. Many have been going through the waves of change.
Each wave has been stronger, deeper and so intense. This will only continue to grow stronger. You have been growing stronger. Preparing for the weight that is landing on your shoulders.
The changes we are privileged to experience is here to give us joy through the power of Love. It will teach us how to lead our life with Love as our scepter.
I wish you much courage to embrace your challenges and to revisit your deepest Self. Follow your rainbow and Love will be awaiting you.
Within Love,

During a conversation questions were being asked about the present situation, the following came through for me to share:
New challenges and new aims are coming our way but we can trust on good guidance
Our body is being realigned they say. It will take about a week to re-center.
To get back to a normal that you have not know yet
The outcome will stimulate us into the right stream/wave that is coming next
Which will be even more powerful
That's why it is important to go with this flow now so it can be instilled properly. You know, we knew this was coming... but we couldn't anticipate the force of it.

For the ones not aware of the universal changes the energy has given them restlessness. Frustration has been the outcome
They are working on balancing this out for those in need. It is amazing, the work that is being done right now, my mind can't comprehend it when I tune in.

They say that we need to practice meditation more to be ahead of the energy wave. We need to focus better on our surroundings when in tune. I believe we need to use our intend stronger.
Before and during to stay within our new found energy. You can't maintain total balance as of now, but that will change when we will go through the cycle of November’s change... Stay calm within yourself, don't ask to much of yourself and from others, protect your radiance, become one with us, we will guide you through

I am in awe of the greater plan and all of them out there working so hard.
Keep it up better days are on the horizon!
Within Love,
A lot happened this morning.
I was trying to figure out why I didn’t get affected as much by the new incoming energy. As I talked to my husband and explained that the frustration he is going through has to do with old unsolved matters, I did realize that I have felt more frustration then normal coping with energy of a certain someone..
Spirit told me that I needed to go through this energy today to get the full understanding so I could fulfill my task.
Then I started to talk online with my friend. And as I was talking to him about what I came to grip with this morning, Spirit joined me again.
This is how my conversation started:
I feel this discomfort has to do with old unsolved things boiling back up due to this wave of new energy.
Spirit told me during these years how important it was to release the old to make way for the new... now that we are in the midst of it I understand the importance even better
Channeling started:
There is more though
It is creating discomfort for those that surround a more stronger frequency right now
This frequency is generated by the mass of geotonomy/geometry ? (I am channeling right now)
Certain wells and certain spots on earth are creating a massive pull through of this new blue wave energy we call love
the closer to that source the harder it is to cope with the dilemma's one's have in their lives
To create inner peace they have to start unifying themselves with this loving blue ray of shine
Becoming one with it will aid in releasing the old so the new can be implemented.
Wilhelmina you are being guided to direct the group onto and into this energy now focus on your child who will direct you into this wave.
Protection is given
Within love we remain
The disciples of God
The energy stayed with me and they were not done talking
They wanted me to set up a meeting with the group. When I asked who is the group the answer was, all that have chosen.
Tomorrow evening 9pm central, is the hour they gave me. The hour we all need to interconnect and if a sleep you will be guided there if you place your intent to be there, if you have chosen…. Unification will take place my dear friends.. Until we meet again.
The last few days into the present have been about rebirth. Becoming fully who we were meant to be in the first place. This emerging still is taking place for most of us. It feels to me like we are in some kind of cocoon. Awaiting time to spread our butterfly wings and fly. It is very still within this cocoon, quiet and peacefull. No rush, no worries. Just the knowing that it all will emerge as planned and needed.
Take good care of yourself during these time of maturing if not already matured. Nurture yourself so you can use the energies needed to take your first flied.
Many are experiencing pressure within. Pressure to release what have been kept inside for to long. The energy is thick. When one connects with mother earth, her vibrations make you silent at first and then shake you from the inside, like an earthquack without the destruction. I call it our wake up call. The energy brings your deepest and oldest fear to the surface. Your most important lesson to learn is highlighted by the vibrations that mother earth directs through you.
Eventhough everything seems to have slowed down, high speed is maintained beyond the surface. A whole new structure has been created and has just been finalized. The latest matrix of this planet that maintaines the power and the splendor of a newborn child has one mission: to grow and further mature.
Take charge over your life now, so you can prepare yourself for the next shift to come.
To be continued.